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We 5 bros....

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, a lifelong friendship bonded us as we all took paths to different cities, careers, and journeys. One fateful summer when a global pandemic struck, we were blessed with the rare opportunity to spend more time together than we could've ever imagined. Drinking Blue Light, jumping off boats, and comparing who's staved off their dad bod the longest. It was then at the site of a friend's wedding that we discovered a shared dream, an open space in the market, a niche if you will of what a wedding or any event could and should have to offer you. The chance for you and your loved ones to look even more amazing than you already do, on the most important day of your life, 360 style. This exclusive addition to your day is the only one of it's kind in Upstate. Showcasing to your guests that you're willing to go above and beyond the selfie stick, past the photo booth, far away from the prop bucket (let's maybe all get away from the prop bucket), and straight onto 360 video, the most deluxe image capturing platform of it's kind. Your beauty on your magical day, in slow motion, to have and to hold forever.

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